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Crested gecko: boy or girl? :iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 0 0 Beach Bum :iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 1 0
Diary Of Jane
I devoted my entire life to this woman. I spent every waking moment of my life to make this woman happy. She was the reason I awoke each morning and the one I had wrapped around in my arms at night. Every move I made I had her face in the back of my mind. I wanted nothing more than her love towards me and I would do anything to please her. Those big scarlet eyes of hers would stare at me in the middle of the night until I fell asleep or glance at me when in my study. Her long brown locks flowed in the wind on a crisp autumn day or brush my cheeks as she look down at me. I had nothing else to live for besides her. I had no family, no prior children and I was reaching my older years with each passing minute. I wanted to make an impact on one person's life before I died and she was it. My lover, my best friend, my everything, and her name was Jane.
I met my Jane about eight years ago. I was at a gala that the town held every year to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of it. I was t
:iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 0 0
Street Walker
Her perfume was soo enticing. The scent of it still lingers in my nose despite the chilled atmosphere around me. I can feel her skin as I trace her with the tips of my fingers. Her hair was pinned up and looked absolutely lovely. It resembled brown silk pinned up with pearls and dusted my angels. Her face was flawless. Her lips were a fiery red and when she licked them with her tongue, it made he ache because of her beauty. And that dress she had: that dress will live in my mind forever. A bright cerulean blue with white lace running from her collar down to her arms. There were small slits on the side of her dress that revealed a portion of her stomach and made he ache with lust. I wanted her. I wanted to call her my own for the night. I wanted to make her my lover, if only for a short while. If only I knew she was to be the last lover I would ever have.
I was sitting in the bar, enjoying my glass of brandy, listening to the drunken pianist trying to find the g sharp to finish his song
:iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 0 0
Under The Sea :iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 2 0
Mature content
I didn't do anything Wrong :iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 0 0
Crested Turtle :iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 1 0 Bulbed Dragon :iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 3 2 Leopard gecko charmander :iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 3 1
As Time Goes By
You just remember this, a kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just sigh. These were the wise words of a man who spoke my soul to the world. As I sat perched outside of my window, I watched him get on that train with the same beige leather suitcase he had when I first saw him get off the platform. It got me thinking to when I first laid my hazel eyes upon him. He was tall, hair as deep as midnight, and eyes as pure as gold. His deep blue fedora kept the sun from scraping his cheeks and his cuff links glistened in the light. His black suit was pressed to perfection and shoes were as shiny as the stars. I was in my red dress with my white heels while I carried my umbrella to keep the sun away. I bit the bottom of my lipstick covered lips in anticipation as I looked in the crowd. He turned his head toward me and his heart sank to the ground. I mumbled his name and he came dashing over. I dropped my umbrella to the ground and smiled with my arms wide open. A small tear trickled out of my eye an
:iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 1 0
Bad Day, Here's your antidote
Nothing ever goes good for me,
I can't do anything right,
Whether it's cooking scrambled eggs or
Tying my shoes nice and tight.
I can't grow any plants
Because all of them die.
Balloons that I hold
Float right to the sky.
Dogs bite my ankles
And birds peck at my head,
And I always manage to pick
The only stale piece of bread.
I miss my train everyday,
And my newspaper is always wet.
I've chased away any girl
That I have ever met.
My job is so easy,
And yet I always find
Someway to mess it up
And the fault's always mine.
Any money that I have
Goes straight to my cat
Because he eats so much food
Because he is so fat.
My computer never starts
And I am always late.
I puked into the popcorn bucket
On my very first date.
My life sounds bad,
And it really can be.
But, there are some up sides
To being me.
I have friends all around me
That support my decisions.
I have complete and perfect
Twenty twenty vision.
I can take better pictures
Than anyone I know,
And I to go sledding
Whenever it snows
:iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 0 0
The Night Shift
     It was raining. The water fell to the earth in silence and washed away into the sewer grates that lined the sidewalk. The streets were empty and one lonely streetlight flooded the avenue. Staggering out of an alley way was a man wearing a dark grey suit. He had no balance and used the buildings to find his way along the sidewalk. Rainwater mixed with the blood and tears that ran down his cheeks. His white shirt was stained a dark crimson as well as the man's forearms on his suit. As he was walking in the rain, his bloody footsteps started to diffuse and seep into the cracks of the concrete. The knife was tucked away in his black briefcase right next to his work for the board meeting he had taken from the office. As he bit his bottom lip out of nervousness, the taste of metal and blood lingered on his tongue. His breathing was staggered as he took shorter and shorter breaths. The man stopped at the corner of the avenue and waited for the crosswalk light to
:iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 0 0
The shifting keys :iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 0 0 Macaw :iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 2 3 Bleeding to the Earth :iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 1 0 Twlight Slumber :iconmizuwriting94:MizuWriting94 1 17


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Stacy Smith
United States
Well.....hello. How are you? I am fine... now that the introductions are done.... WELCOME!!!! ^>^ I am working on a story that I call, The Dancing Demon. I have tried other places to get people to read my work, so I will now try here! Comment on anything you see or questions...I need all the feedback I can!!! ^>^
YO EVERYONE!!!!!! If you have some time, or right now, can you check out the stuff I have posted? i NEED FEEDBACK!!!!! Comment as MUCH AS YOU WANT!!!!!
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